Carl’s Drive-In Makes Top Burger Joint List

MSN recently named our very own Carl’s Drive-in one of America’s best burger joints:

Wash down a top-notch hamburger with a frosty mug of root beer brewed by owner Frank Cunetto. The secret to a great burger is getting it from the grill to the customer as fast as possible, says Cunetto, who’s spent 20-plus years slinging meaty rounds for the cherished few seats at his counter.

The menu’s short and includes fries, onion rings and made-by-hand milkshakes with an almost sippable consistency. Crisp-edged burgers are flat-grilled, with the double possessing the best meat-to-bun ratio.

As someone who has sat in those “cherished” seats, I can bestow a little advice, when you need to switch up from one of those burgers, go with the Curly-Q Dog (above).

Here’s more advice: Avoid the clapp.

One more: No matter  how hot you think she looks, adam’s apple = dude. Always.