Mizzou Racists Charged for Littering

Back on March 3rd, we talked about the unfunny, offensive but otherwise legal “prank” perpetrated on the Mizzou campus that involved cotton balls being spread in front of the Black Culture Center early one morning.

Sure this is offensive, but its more offensive that someone thought this was going to play on some level.  This is like telling industrial revolution jokes.

“University of Missouri, Columbia Police tell Globe-Democrat.com that they are investigating but at this point have no arrests.”

Wait what?  We covered how this was offensive in multiple ways, but last I checked there is nothing illegal with what was done here.  We let hicks tell two guys they don’t know that they can’t get married for god sakes.  Dumb? Yup. But that’s how it works. This is America and we let people do all kinds of offensive and uncool shit all the time, which the founding fathers wanted to do because we assume George Washington was into all kinds of freaky, messed up stuff.

Frankly we got some flak for that statement. Doesn’t matter how pissed off  you are about this, it’s true. It’s pretty clear there is no law against being a racist dick that can’t think of a better joke than cotton. …well the Columbia police had the pressure on that this point, not only did everyone want blood for these guys, and rightly so, they also knew it was going to be a tough thing to do because of this whole crazy courts system and freedom of speech thing we have going here. …and then that little lightbulb went off above their heads.

Two students accused of throwing cotton balls on the ground of the University of Missouri at Columbia Black Culture Center February 26 were charged Monday with misdemeanor littering.

Since we all know a $50 dollar fine isn’t going to do much, they also made the guys go and meet with some of the people who use the Black Cultural Building.

According to [Boone County Prosecutor Ryan Haigh], Tucker and Fitzgerald attended a mediation meeting earlier this month; apologized and talked to students who frequent the culture center. Haigh said it was a condition to see if they would act in good faith. “There seemed to be a degree of remorse there,” Haigh said.

It’s not often you see someone totally busted show a slight bit of remorse, that at must be the real deal there. Haigh later took back his statements though when it was pointed it that what he saw was simply a tattoo of a tear, not an actual one on the cheek of one of the racists.

via Globe Democrat