Barry Bonds is Proud of Mark McGwire

Nothing like two guys that aided in butt-raping the sport of baseball catching up and spreading good cheer via the press.

Barry showed some McGwire love when he (finally) showed up to the 2000 Giants team reunion:

“I have a really good friendship with Mark McGwire. I’m proud of him,” the 45-year-old Bonds, back in the Bay Area for a reunion at AT&T Park of the Giants’ 2000 NL West champion team, said when asked what he thought of McGwire’s January admission. “We’ve had a great relationship throughout our entire lives and throughout our career. I’m proud of what he did. I’m happy for him.”

McGwire heard the news and was all like “Awwww. That’s so nice of him. Remember when we used to talk about steroi…oh right. Still waiting on you to ‘come out’”:

“It’s very cool. Barry is a great player, was a great player in this game, many MVPs,” McGwire said. “The guy could do it all. It makes me feel really good. It’s really cool to be back in the game. … I’m a big boy, I understand that things happen in your life and you’ve got to confront them, and you also have to move on from them and learn from them.”

Still just waiting on you Barry. You let us know when you want to talk and we’ll all pretend like we are shocked and fall out of our chairs. We’re pretty good at it now. “What?! Rosie O’Donnell is gay?! Get out.”, “Wait. Clark Kent and Superman are the same person!?”, “No way! Lindsey Lohan died! Shocked. I’m shocked.” (Put this last one in your pocket).

This is great hearing Bonds and Mac talk it up! They should get the whole team back together…what’s Sammy Sosa up to these days?

Oh yeah, he retired and shrunk down back to his pre-roids weight where he looked like Carlton from Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

via ESPN