Pujols is the MVP of the Decade

According to ESPN’s Jayson Stark our very own Albert Pujols is baseball’s MVP of the decade!  …duh.

After all, what didn’t Sir Albert do in this decade, outside of forgetting to get to the big leagues until 2001, neglecting to finish in the top four in the MVP voting once and never quite getting around to winning any Nobel Peace Prizes?

So is there really any argument here? If a man has pretty much been the MVP of his league in every single year of an entire decade, what would be the case that he isn’t the MVP for the decade as a whole? Correct answer: There’s no case. None.

Sounds like a pretty locked up case to me.

In a related note, my Mom recently named me the decade’s MVP of Cuteness.  Sadly I came in third place for the decade’s MVP of Being the Nicest Little Boy to “Josh the Bat Boy” and one of those kids in the Slyman Brothers commercials.  …I don’t even know how she knows them!

Stark goes on to say that not only did Pujols get over 50% of all MVP votes for the decade, and come away with the 00’s Triple Crown, but Alberts farts cure acne. True. Story. One blast to the face and your pock marked mug smooths into silky skin babies are jealous of.

Seriously though, don’t forget when you watch him play here all summer that you are watching one of the top 5 greatest baseball players ever.  Ever!  Pretty amazing and something we probably take for granted here.