St. Louis Cops Catch a Weak James Bond

article-1049040-024B73E400000578-506_468x638A St. Louis area police officer pulled over a BMW for speeding the other day and when inspecting the car they found:

$54,200 bones.

Eight prepaid cell phones.

Several ID cards.

Six dozen Western Union reciepts.

17 midgets.

The driver claimed to have been working for an organization that had him buy a prepaid phone to get secret text message instructions on how and where to get cash to send out.  Sadly he won’t tell the authorities where the money or the instructions came from, but I think we both know it was some kinda of awesome sounding group like “Red Claw” or “The Anarchy League” that has a secret island lair that the paid an ass-load of money to make look like a skull.

Actually, now that I think about it, and island base for a large criminal organization is actually pretty dumb.  Couldn’t the world governments just go surround your island or hell just bomb the crap out of it?  It may seem weird to just get everyone together and go bomb the hell out of a island you don’t like, but I hear the Japanese are pretty good at that, so they could probably lead the charge.

Also, I should tell you that I made up the part about the midgets.  But you know what the crazy thing was?  You totally believed me.

Via The AP on Google News [Editor’s Note: Take that Associated Press!  Totally linked to your post.  What are you gonna do about it?!  …Didn’t think so.]

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