No Shoes, No Service…Babies Included!

The_Burger_King_babyA Sunset Hills Burger King manager threw a mother and her six month old baby out of the restaurant because the baby didn’t have shoes on.

From Mahalo’s page on the subject:

Jennifer Frederich brought her baby daughter into the restaurant barefoot and ordered food. The manager told her, “you can order ‘to go’ but you’re going to have to leave if she doesn’t have shoes on, it’s against health code.” Frederich said “…She’s only 6 months old, she doesn’t walk. She’s not touching the ground.”

The manager insisted she put shoes on the child and threatened to call the police.

Another fine moment of human retardation attached to St. Louis.

Here’s how I see this going down:

Burger-King-Employee-main_FullSome fat slob sits in his Burger King “office” counting a stack of greasy ones while looking at the action through his black and white security camera screens when he sees it…A BABY WITH NO SHOES ON!  Naturally, he springs in to action, brushing the crumbs off his chest, he stands up and takes a moment to look at his reflection in the dirty paper towel dispenser in his office that used to be a staff bathroom and straightens the super-wide 70’s tie he borrowed from his dad for his Burger King job interview 23 years ago.  Whipping open the door he barks and order to the kid manning the fries just to make sure everyone knows he’s the man.  Coming out from behind the counter, he settles himself before putting on his most authoritative face and tells the woman

“Your baby doesn’t have shoes on.”

“I know, its a baby.” the woman replies

“Well I can allow you to order your food ‘to go’ but your going to have to leave if she doesn’t have shoes on, its against health code.” our hero continues, suddenly happy that a health code pamphlet he found on the floor of the john was the only thing in there to read yesterday.

“You’re kidding right? …She’s only six months old, she doesn’t walk.  She’s not even touching the ground.”

The lady has an odd look in her eye.  He starts to weaken, he wishes he could know what it was like to be with a woman.  Sure, he’s been to the orgy rooms on Second Life, but a part of him knows its not quite the same as the real thing.  His mind snaps back.  He can’t let this slide! This baby has no shoes on dammit!

“I’m sorry.  Its against health code and you are going to have to take your baby and leave.”

Firm.  Clear.  He mentally pats himself on the back.  Flush with a moment of self-importance he spins to see the looks of utter confusion and shock on the face of his employees and other customers.

Oh crap.  “Maybe I won’t bring this up when Mom asks how my day went.”

For more, there is a clip from CNN Headline News on the subject on YouTube.