How’s Rams Camp Going? Lets Ask Steven Jackson

jacksonstretch625jul29The Rams have been bad horrible shittastic for way too long now, but people are feeling that the team is at least heading in the right direction starting this year.  They got a new coach, beefed up their offensive line and put all the old guys on one of those busses that takes elderly people to Wal-Mart on Wednesdays.

Like most new coaches implement, the new Rams coach promised a tough training camp, and although we have just barely scratched the surface, we were wondering how it was going, so we turned to Steven Jackson, Rams running back’s Twitter account:

I’m a beast with the shake. It must be camp time, LOL… #

What’s up tweet family! Sorry I’ve been M.I.A but I go underground during camp. Get n my warrior spirit #

Coach Spags, bought everyone Tony Dungy’s new book “Uncommon.” good choice #

Smile even if ur hurting! #

Just finished a pool workout. Hopefully the legs will continue to stay fresh. #

Oh and if you were wondering if Jackson keeps up with current events while at camp, wonder no more:

Good look by US Gov. & Bill Clinton. Who cares if N. Korea trying to have propaganda. If it was me.. please come get me! #

Hang in there SJ…and don’t worry if you get tired, I’m guessing you’ll get a 2-4 week break about a month in to the season like usual.