Rex7 Responds to Stories About His Failed Tweetup Record

This morning two stories came out taking aim at the “St. Louis World Record Tweetup” event try that took place on Friday, July 3rd.  One, by yours truly “The ‘Largest’ Tweetup Falls a Bit Short of Record“, and the other by Bill Streeter of the Riverfront Times: “What If You Threw the LARGEST TWEET UP IN ST. LOUIS and No One Showed Up?

We tracked down Rex7 on Twitter, who gracefully linked to both stories in his Twitter feed, and asked him for a comment on the event and Streeter’s “fake followers” claim.

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Ok.  Well they shot for the stars, and according to Todd Jordan (who did tell us he had a good time), it was clear that they were trying for no less than the “record”, but they insist they were happy with the turn out.  I guess we will just have to take their word for it.  We can however take issue with his timeline for the planning of the event.  The event’s Upcoming page has a creation date of June 26th, and thats not counting in the time spent before making that event page of calling places, and making a cheesy video commercial.  There was at least a weeks worth of planning here, but probably more, so the claim that this was thrown together and the holiday weekend threw them off is a bit weak…I mean when was the last time July 4th snuck up on anyone.  We just wish we could have heard, “Yup. Fail.”  instead of talk of surprise holidays and broken promises, but we aren’t surprised to hear more spin.

At the time of this post there was no mention, in his replies about the accusations of his fake Twitter follower count, which was really the bulk of Bill Streeter’s RFT post. [Editor’s Note: We kind of talked around the fake followers issue, but kudos to Streeter who just came out firing!  Its not often someone will go stronger than us, so tip of the hat there!]

We do thank @Rex7 for returning our inquiries.