Lori Drew Acquitted of Hacking, but Not of Being a Bitch With an Ugly Mom Haircut

We missed this from The Kansas City Star on Thursday:

A federal judge on Thursday tentatively threw out the convictions of a Missouri mother for her role in a MySpace hoax directed at a 13-year-old girl who ended up committing suicide.

U.S. District Judge George Wu said he was acquitting Lori Drew of suburban St. Louis of misdemeanor counts of accessing computers without authorization.

However, he stressed the ruling was tentative until he issues it in writing, which probably will come next week.

Drew, of Dardenne Prairie, Mo., showed no reaction to the decision.

Here’s the deal, no matter what you think about her, this is good news.  Really good news.  Why?  Have you ever signed up for a website and not used your real name?  Yup, us too.  Feel like going to jail for it?  That is why this decision is a good one.  [Editor’s Note: Wired’s Threat Level blog has more on why this is a good decision.]

Here’s what Drew should be convicted of: 1000 counts of being a mega-bitch and 10 counts of knowing you are going to have your photo taken, and still choosing to leave the house like this:


Seriously.  Gross. She looks like she pulled that hair from my elementary school bus driver and that top seems to be made from the same pattern and material from those 70s-style roll-down blinds.  Also, I don’t know how she found it, but she may have cut up my old summer camp canvas tent to make those pants.