More Horrible Local TV Promos: “Here’s 2 St. Louis” From Fox 2

I’m sure most of you remember this one: “Here’s 2 St. Louis”  the promo when KTVI tried to make us feel warm and fuzzy about a place that has “the class of a city and the heart of a town” so we would forget about the mess that was the “channel 12 is now channel 2 and channel 2 is now channel 12” mess a few years back. 

Before you click over the jump to view the video, check out my favorite still frame from it:


Dick Ford and Dave Murry sitting out on a riverboat or something enjoying the day, pointing out the sites.  Are we to believe that this is what they do on their days off?  They hang out like an old gay couple?  God I hope thats true.

Here’s the whole promo…get ready for the awesome:

fox2  ktvi  promo