Local Magazine Death Watch 2009: The Beginning


We at PunchingKitty love magazines.  The numbers, however, say the the rest of the world doesn’t.  To that we ask: Don’t you people poop? 

That however is beside the point.

Right now, by our count St. Louis has 4 magazines that are worth counting.  We’re thinking no matter how many they give away for free all four can’t survive to see 2010, so now starts PunchingKitty.com’s Local Magazine Death Watch 2009.

The contestants, in no particular order, are:

  1. Sauce
  2. Alive
  3. STL Magazine
  4. St. Louis Sports Magazine

What do you think?

Today we are starting out with a survey of sorts.  If you could, answer these questions for us in the comments below or email your responses to tips[at]punchingkitty.com

  • Which of these do you read?  
  • If it was an option, which of these would you pay for?
  • Do you work at any of these magazines?  Know someone that does?
  • Do you have any stories about the vibe around there or anything about how they are run?
  • Which do you think will live to see the light of 2010?  Why?

Hit me, and the rest of your fellow St. Louisians with your answers and if we get enough response, I’ll post a summary later on.

Photo from flickr user Mr Magoo