Takes You on a Stroll Through the Adult Entertainment Expo

6a00d8341c558f53ef010536e18185970b-500wi has a new post up with a photo walk through the Adult Entertainment Expo (or “AEE” to you pervs that know the names of porn directors and stuff).  

…but first, a tip for you young, just starting out-type bloggers from Byron:

I’ve noticed for a while now that the websites of alt weekly newspapers – like the Village Voice, and the Riverfront Times here in St. Louis – will run these photo galleries where they send someone out to the club with a camera to get pictures of broads with their cans hanging out of their shirts, and I’ve heard that these are often the most popular features on those sites. If I can remember (and I wouldn’t count on it), I might have to start posting them here on a regular basis.

Well said.  Maybe some of you read Hell Yeah Bitch! .com and our groudbreaking “Gratuitous Kate Beckinsale” series?  (Check it: )  I think Abe Lincoln said it best: “Chicks = Hits.”  Always true.  

Anyway…  More from Byron:

And after the jump, I’ve posted a few of my favorites, along with commentary. With it being the gay-ass Village Voice, there’s a lot of pictures of guys, and other pictures you don’t need to see as much.

Check them out…good photos, and good commentary:

Also, Byron has one of the best “tilted-headed black guy” photos of all time on the right of his site.  As if you needed another reason to click on a link right?