Ladies: How Many of You Wore Skirts at West County Mall? You Might be Famous.

The guy on the right is Daniel Barbatti, and he’s really into movies. For one, he’s worked really hard on making himself look like the serial killer in a bad action movie…and also because he rigged up a hidden camera and good upskirt videos of ladies at West County Mall. Congratulations! Some of you West County ladies are now famous! Not “Hollywood” famous, more like “I have that same pair of underwear…oh crap! [Read More]

St. Louis Waits for the iPad

I’ve never been to a mall this early before in my life. It’s 6:45am and I’m walking in to the West County Mall with a b-line for the Apple store. The glass front of the Apple store is shrouded in darkness with black curtains covering the front of the store while I can only assume the little Apple elves are scurrying around sprinkling the last bits of magic dust on the iPads. [Read More]