The RFT Previews <i>Up in the Air</i>

From The Riverfront Times blog DailyRFT about the recently St. Louis-filmed George Clooney flick: The first local press screening of the Jason Reitman/George Clooney film Up In the Air — perhaps the most eagerly anticipated movie in St. Louis since that flick about the World’s Fair — happened this morning at the Tivoli in the Delmar Loop. While we’ve been asked by the PR company to withhold any reviews or features until the theatrical release in December, it can’t hurt to share a few first impressions with you, loyal Daily RFT readers. [Read More]

Chris Files Walks Behind George Clooney

Is that Chris Files, host of The Toast which is the diamond in the rough that is, in the new Up in the Air trailer walking behind star George Clooney? It sure is! Things are looking good for Files to make it in to the final cut of the movie when it drops November 13th which is pretty cool…I’m sure it wasn’t as much of a thrill as it was working with me doing Don’t Puke videos, but still, pretty exciting. [Read More]

The ‘Up In The Air’ Trailer Drops

George Clooney came to town and filmed it, and you probably know at least two people that made it as an extra (and about four others that tried) and now its finally getting close to hitting the big screens. The Up In The Air trailer is here so now the world can see Lambert Airport in all its …um…glory! …wait, this isn’t a movie about the worst airport ever that takes place in the 70’s? [Read More]