The RFT Previews <i>Up in the Air</i>

up_in_the_air_georgeclooney_annakendrick1-500x331From The Riverfront Times blog DailyRFT about the recently St. Louis-filmed George Clooney flick:

The first local press screening of the Jason Reitman/George Clooney film Up In the Air — perhaps the most eagerly anticipated movie in St. Louis since that flick about the World’s Fair — happened this morning at the Tivoli in the Delmar Loop.

While we’ve been asked by the PR company to withhold any reviews or features until the theatrical release in December, it can’t hurt to share a few first impressions with you, loyal Daily RFT readers.

They go on to say that you really don’t see much of St. Louis in the movie, which isn’t much of a surprise.  They just filmed it here, the damn thing isn’t supposed to be based in St. Louis.  They also say that the movie is funny and George Clooney is sexy.

I know, these are all totally shocking statements.

It doesn’t really matter because we at Punching Kitty are totally over this movie now and are gaga for the new(er) George Clooney movie: The Fantastic Mr. Fox!

It has nothing to do with St. Louis at all, but it looks awesome!  The trailer is embedded below.  We do with there was at least one kitty in the movie though.