Calm Down, Woody and Rizzuto are Probably Just Messing With You

So it appears 105.7 the Point’s morning show duo weren’t on the air Monday morning. We know that because we got a lot of traffic from people Googling for “Woody and Rizzuto suspended” and messages from all over that went just like this one we got on Facebook: Any idea what Woody and Rizz said on the Point last week that got their show pulled this morning? Well our readers are apparently Point fans and if they want to know what’s going down over at Emmis Radio, we’re happy to oblige! [Read More]

Emmis No Longer Paying for Employee Parking

Updated! See below original post… We hear Emmis, the radio company that operates 105.7 the Point, 97.1, KSHE, and KHITS, has stopped paying for their employee’s parking passes at their Union Station office. What does this mean? Yup. Emmis’ poor underpaid jocks now have to pay to park at work. Lame and sad. Well, at least they have all those fabulous shops in Union Station to hang out at…oh wait. [Read More]