You Think It’s Tough Being a St. Louis Fan?

It’s been a rough few weeks for St. Louis players, but namely there have been two injuries that we’ve wanted to bring up, but without video, what the point?

We have video now: Danny Ammendola getting body slammed and Blake Hawksworth taking a ball to the face.

Video courtsey of NFL and MLB

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Blake Hawksworth’s Sister Erin is Kinda Hot

Blake Hawksworth, Cardinal pitcher, has a pretty hot sister and we tripped over her demo video last night. Girl that likes to be on camera? Check. She leans back too much, points at the camera way too often, and does that thing where your voice goeS UP AND THen trails off when you end a sentence. That’s weird. Pretty hot though. [Editor’s Note: Sorry, but the video has been taken down since posting by it’s uploader — http://vimeo. [Read More]