Riverfront Times Takes Down BestofStLouis.com

The site BestofStLouis.com is gone. There isn’t even a traditional “It’s over” page…it’s just gone. The domain now goes to an all-ad page. What happened? Lawyers and copyright law happened, and the heat came from the Riverfront Times. As we’re sure you’re aware, each year the Riverfront Times puts out its “Best of St. Louis” issue and because of that believes it holds the rights to the term “Best of St. [Read More]

We Are Totally St. Louis’ Best Blog Right?

You guys are planning on voting for us as St. Louis’ best blog right? I mean look at all we’ve done for you! Remember that thing we got you that one time? What about that time you were so drunk and we helped you do that thing you couldn’t do? …and don’t think we forgot about helping you bury that dead you-know-what in the woods because you just had to try that one thing out on her when you were all whacked out on that stuff! [Read More]