Rams Beat 49ers, Keep Playoff Hopes Alive

The Rams had to win and they did, despite their usual lame offensive coaching when they get even the smallest of leads. Sam Bradford led the charge with 292 yards, going 28 for 37 with 1 touchdown and no interceptions, all while breaking Peyton Manning’s 12-year old record for NFL rookie completions. “I guess it’s pretty cool,” Bradford said of the record. “I’m all fired up about the win. If you don’t get excited for a game like this, you’re probably in the wrong business. [Read More]

Rams Lose in Overtime to Crappy 49ers

Someone tell the Rams that the games on the road count too. For the second time in as many away games, the Rams let a win slip awayin the final seconds as the 49ers beat the Rams in overtime, raising their record to 3-6 while the Rams dropped to 4-5 and out of 1st place in the NFC West. What the hell happened? Maybe we don’t have wide receivers worth a damn. [Read More]