Guy Shoots Himself in the Leg During Traffic Stop

Guy Shoots Himself in the Leg During Traffic Stop

St. Louis’ finest attempted to pull over a car for a routine traffic stop last night just south of downtown. The car pulled over, then took off and police gave chase. Shortly after they heard gunfire and a stand-off started. Little did the cops know he wasn’t shooting at them, he’s just a retard and shot himself.

After a standoff that lasted about ten minutes, police took the driver out of the vehicle and discovered he had shot himself in the upper leg, either accidentally or on purpose. There were also three bullet holes in the windshield, Coll said.

Did we mention that this genius also had his girlfriend and child in the car with him at the time? No? Oh, well he did.

The man, in his mid-20s, from St. Louis, has bipolar disorder and had not been taking his medication, the girlfriend told police.

But he managed to tone down the crazy just enough to get himself a gun though, so the system works!

When you think about it though, isn’t this story symbolic of each and every one of us? No, we’re not saying we all drive around with our family in the car, dodging cops while shooting up our own leg, but in a way, aren’t we that guy? We live in this area by some form of choice, and to a degree it’s crazy. We know that, just like he knew he needed to take his meds, but he didn’t and we still live here. Eventually the crazy catches up to you and, in his case, you shoot yourself in the leg…or in other cases you get jacked while going on a walk with your baby, after thinking “Yeah, why can’t I go on a walk with my baby near my house in the middle of the freaking day? Who would rob me in broad daylight?!” We’re sure crazy guy thought the same thing about driving around with this son and girlfriend, but eventually the crazy thing you’re doing, whether it be not taking your meds, or choosing to live in the city of St. Louis, catches up to you. So when you think about it, aren’t we all just retards with a gun who don’t take their meds?

No, it’s probably just that guy. But crap like that doesn’t make the city feel like a great place to live does it?

via STLToday