Did General Enyart Push Judge Cason and Not Apologize and Does Anyone Care?

Did General Enyart Push Judge Cason and Not Apologize and Does Anyone Care?

Everyone in the metro east that isn’t actively bleeding or high is abuzz about the dust up between St. Clair County Associate Judge Laninya Carson and congressional hopeful General Bill Enyart. Carson is claiming that Enyart pushed her at the O’Fallon, IL homecoming parade to hand a flyer to the person she was trying to hand a flyer to and didn’t apologize. However Enyart says it was just an accidental contact and he did apologize, but won’t do it again.

Yes, this is a serious thing grown ups are talking about. Raise your hand if you’re poor, or have other serious problems and thus you don’t give a crap if someone touched someone else on the arm and did or didn’t apologize.

Here’s her side of the story:

Cason and Republican precinct committeeman Carlous Huston of Belleville, who said he witnessed the event, told O’Fallon police that Enyart came up behind Cason during the parade, made a comment that she was wearing a sweatshirt for his opponent, Republican Jason Plummer, and pushed her left upper arm, forcing her to the side. He then handed his campaign flyer to the same person to whom Cason was attempting to hand her flyer.

Here’s his:

Jason Bresler, campaign manager for Enyart, said Saturday the two accidentally bumped together and that Enyart immediately apologized. Cason said he didn’t.

“He did apologize immediately when he accidentally bumped into her, as witnesses have attested,” Bresler said Monday. “This is political campaign silly season.”

Whew! This is a tough one. On the one side you have General Enyart who’s a general, so he’s generally in to physical contact and probably not high on saying he’s sorry for stuff so he’s tough to believe. On the other side you have Judge Carson who is getting overly crazy about this whole thing, looks a little bitchy and is only an “associate” Judge, which pretty much means “not as good as an actual” judge (pretty sure it’s latin). She’s not easily believable here either.

We don’t know who not to believe!

…oh wait, you know what? We don’t care. Push each other off a cliff.

via BND