The Valley Park Mayor is So Exhausted He Argued, Ran and Spit on the Police

The Valley Park Mayor is So Exhausted He Argued, Ran and Spit on the Police

You know how some times you get so “exhausted” that you speed in your car and then when the cops stop you, you try to out run them, and then when they catch you and try to fight and spit on them and your breath smells like you’ve been drinking?

Nathan Grellener, the “honorable” mayor of Valley Park knows!

Police said Grellene [sic] was driving in Highway 30 in Jefferson County when he was stopped by officers for speeding.

Police said Grellene [sic] smelled of alcohol and may have been under the influence of something else.

Police said when the officer got back into his car to run the driver’s name through the computer, Grellene [sic] drove away. He went about a half mile and turned down a couple streets before running into a dead end.

Locke said the officers had to pepper spray Grellene [sic] and even handcuffed him, but he was still combative.

Police say they had to eventually put a mask on him so he wouldn’t spit on officers.

[Pro News Writing Tip: If you start every sentence with “[someone] said”, no one will be confused about who said that thing you said they said and it won’t at all be repetitive or seem like your saying the same thing over and over.]

Seems like a pretty straight forward situation: The mayor of Valley Park is a total butthole when he’s wasted, but city officials are claiming he’s suffering from “exhaustion”, like the Lindsay Lohan kind:

Valley Park City Attorney Eric Martin, [told] KMOX, “He’s only 27-years-old this is his second term as a mayor for a city of 7,000 without a city administrator. He has been working 12-hour days, six days a week along with his uncle to run retail business and he’s expecting his first child in August.”

“…so let the man get drunk and fight some cops while spitting on them!” Martin continued, “In fact yesterday Nathan was so tired I said ‘Would it help if let you get drunk, do my wife and slap my kid around for a while?’ and you know something? It did. Valley Park is better off today because of it. No regrets.”

via KMOV and KMOX