Fun Things You Can Do With the Weird Ray Vinson Super Bowl Commercial

Fun Things You Can Do With the Weird Ray Vinson Super Bowl Commercial

[Editor’s Note: For context, this was part of our impromptu “Animated GIF Week“]

Did you happen to catch the weird Ray Vison commercial aired during the Super Bowl last night? Even from the squeaky voiced man that has made former Cardinal skipper Tony LaRussa do some odd things for cash, this was quite a doozy (See the whole video here)!

At the very least, it managed to confuse St. Louis Super Bowl watchers, while others considered it an “insult”

We at Punching Kitty Headquarters thought of it a little differently. To us, it’s a gift. A really weird and awesome gift. Let us explain:

1. Tony LaRussa is comparing the Cardinals “seizing the moment” 10.5 games back in August to win the World Series, to you getting a new mortgage. You want to say to yourself: “What? That’s incredibly dumb!”, but wait! Tony was shot in black and white and some of his audio was used as a voice over to crappy footage shot out of the window of a car while it drove past various street signs. Now what do you say?! Yeah…thought so!

2. This shot of Tony, Ray and the other guy staring at the darkness before the mysterious “#5” figure appears, is so inspiring it might as well be a blank canvas! Here the fellas are watching 90’s hit sitcom “Just the ten of Us”:

Here’s the gang checking out the chick from the Fiat commercial:

Finally, here’s the boys checking out a midget attending a leather fetish convention. This one makes the most sense to use since they are wearing suits and this is clearly the most formal of our three examples.

3. Here’s the animated gif of the best part that we’re pretty sure all of you expected us to make anyway: Sliver lining people! Sure the commercial was as bizarre as it was tone deaf, but that’s kinda the norm with these TRL and Ray Vinson commercials. It’s best to just enjoy them for the train wreck that they are. …and then hope like crazy Matheny doesn’t start doing these after donning the manager’s jersey this spring.

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