Teachers’ Aide Busted (Twice) For Molesting Disabled Kids

John Cuneo a 66 year-old teaching assistant at Sigel Elementary School was busted for molesting a mentally disabled child…and then probably molesting one more minutes later. …a maybe even accidentally molesting a few more, because to do something as brazen as this buttwipe did, you’re balls would have to be so big that incidental contact while walking the halls seems unavoidable.

Here’s the short version: A fellow school employee walks in a room to find Cuneo taking the boy’s hand and placing on his penis. Obviously outraged, the employee was walking back from just reporting the incident when she saw Cuneo walking yet another disabled kid in to a bathroom stall, causing her to report Cuneo yet again!

Here’s the official version:

Cuneo, an instruction care aide for the St. Louis Public School District, was caught placing the first boy’s hand on his penis. An employee who allegedly witnessed it was coming back from reporting the incident when she saw Cuneo enter the bathroom stall with another 4-year-old, also developmentally delayed. She alerted the school social worker, who entered the stall and found the boy with his pants down.

Cuneo is claiming that the second child needed help going to the bathroom, despite the parents’ insistence that he can go fine on his own, but Cuneo appears not to be claiming much of anything as far as the initial molestation. Good god man! Give us something other than “Um, he needed help peeing and since I figured I had a few minutes until the police got there because of the whole ‘making the other kid touch my penis’ thing I helped him out.” He didn’t even bother a “Oh the first kid? He was massaging out a crotch cramp I had. I usually go to an Asian massage place because of their little hands can really get in there, but who has the time for massages this time of the year? Plus ya got all these kids are just standing around with idle hands!” What is with these pervs lately with the complete lack of excuses? First we have Penn State’s Jerry Sandusky just totally admitting on NBC that “Well I shouldn’t have probably taken showers with those kids…” and now we have Cuneo who pretty much is following the same playbook. Sure you were caught red-handed and the excuse won’t really help anything, but try to fake some humanity and offer up something! It’s really hard to tell if all the honesty is because they don’t give a crap any more or because they just don’t understand any of this is all that horrible? Judging by the report on Cuneo so far, this asshole’s going to show up and court and say “Oh only the two counts of molestation? …wow! Well you really should have seen me getting after it before lunch! Does that projector work? …because I have slides!”

via STLToday