Dear Punching Kitty: Happy Holidays Edition

The other day we told you about a nun getting donkey punched and robbed in St. Louis, and while we were pretty sure it was the greatest thing written ever…not just good, but “Bible Good”. However different strokes for different folks! Here’s a comment that was submitted last night about that post:


Your sense of humor is as disgusting as the assault it’s self!! Shalam.

First off, we really appreciate you signing your internet comment! You don’t see that much these days…you know…because you’re name is always right above the comment anyway. It’s pointless but A for effort! We should also mention that your keyboard produces some great penmanship.

Now, as for your comment itself, it’s a bit confusing isn’t it? Comparative logic is interesting like that. On the surface you seem to be saying that you are shocked by the nun assault and also dislike my post, but my post is awesome and it even includes a “back alley abortion” mention which gives us a “double blog score”. Maybe what you mean is that you’re pro nun-punching, and thus you love our post just as much as you do punching nuns. You made the odd choice of using “disgusting”, but one could say that this chick is as disgusting as this other chick, in that they are both equally minimally disgusting.

So, thanks Shalam! We love you too and hope you have a “disgusting” holiday weekend!