Random Bones Found Near Lambert Airport

Police are investigating a pair of bones that were discovered on land owned by Lambert Airport, it is not known if the bones are human or just, boringly, animal.

The bones were found in a vacant field near Scudder and Mable Avenue. The property is in Kinloch but is owned by Lambert Airport.

A St. Louis City official said the airport hired a contractor to clean up the lot because it had been used as an illegal dumping ground.

A worker made the discovery.

The bones, which you know we both want to be human because what a waste of time reading about this would be if they just belonged to some big family dog, are being inspected by the St. Louis County Police, but it is unknown how long the investigation will take. We aren’t sure who the bones belong to, but even still Tony LaRussa has said he can help the club with his veteran presence, and the pile of bones will be installed in right field shortly after Lance Berkman’s first major injury of the season.

…of course maybe we are looking at this the wrong way. Did someone did there, or have so many people left Kinloch, MO that the earth is trying to create people itself? A city of dirt people where everyone seems dirty and not fully developed…oh wait…we’re thinking of Pacific, MO.

LOL, JK Pacific! We love you, and your major export of meth keeps our area youth from graduating high school and operating our Six Flags rides for years to come!

via Fox2

(Featured Image Explained: The post is about bones…there’s a show called Bones…it has that chick on it…who looks weird and creeps us out…so we posted up her hot sister Zooey Deschanel)