Hazelwood Hates the Girl Scouts

“We don’t want to give the impression we’re cracking down on Girl Scouts selling their cookies,”  — Tim Davidson, a Hazelwood city spokesman

Ok, but it does actually seem like you are trying to give the impression you’re cracking down on Girl Scouts selling their cookies, Mr. Davidson. You see…and maybe when we highlight this you’ll see our side…see it really started to feel like you were cracking down on Girl Scouts selling their cookies…when you started to crack down on a couple of Girl Scouts selling their cookies. You know? Remember when you told two girls they couldn’t sell cookies in the front yard off of a folding table because of zoning laws? Yeah…that’s what we’re talking about right there.

Abigail, an 8th grader at Hazelwood Middle School, and Caitlin, a freshman at Hazelwood West High School, are members of Girl Scout Troop 570.

On March 7, [their mother Carolyn] Mills said she received a letter from Hazelwood’s code enforcement division informing her of a complaint about the cookie stand and warning them that selling products from their home violates city codes.

The city’s side of the story is that they have been told before that they shouldn’t be selling cookies from their front yard in past years, but after complaints came in about the increased street traffic and “barking dogs”, the city decided to take action, shutting down the stand. The city presumptively followed that up by calling the girls stupid and throwing those little playground rocks at them.

“We want people to realize the city of Hazelwood strongly supports the Girl Scouts of America and the ideals it stands for.”

“…just not when people complain.” Davidson (probably) continued, “Look, the fact of the matter is that old people vote. They don’t do much else, but they definitely do that.”

This Girl Scout stand off is now shedding light on Hazelwood’s other, lesser known, laws such as “If 5 or more frisbees are found in a neighbor’s lawn in the span of no less than 7 days, said neighbor is legally allowed to open a frisbee store on his premises.”

via STLToday