Woman Shot at 10 Year-Old’s Birthday Party

A woman hosting her 10 year-old child’s birthday party Wednesday was shot after a bullet came through the front window and struck her in the arm. Mom will be fine, but clearly a scary moment since there were a few other adults and 15 kids in the house at the time, so easily any of them could be dead.

The police have no leads, but are assuming the shooter was on foot…so there’s that. They’re also pretty sure he had a gun we’re guessing…and maybe…maybe! Fired it once. Still working on that lead. It’s a process ok?! Real cops aren’t like CSI where they just magically find evidence and work to solve the case with a tightly edited montage of overly elaborate, and wildly expensive crime reenactments. TV’s just a lair. A sexy, awesome liar who tries to sell you expensive vibrating, rotating, bedazzled dildos if you stay up late enough.

via KMOV