Ward 6 Alderwoman Kacie Starr Triplett Seems Pretty Popular With Everyone But Her Constituents

The city’s ward 6 Alderwoman is Kacie Starr Triplett, and she’s a star! If you don’t know, now you know! Check out this glittery bio:

With a commitment to her community and to her beloved City, Kacie Starr Triplett, has emerged as one of Saint Louis’ youngest and brightest leaders. Elected at the age of 26 to the St. Louis Board of Aldermen, Kacie was sworn in as one the youngest elected leaders in the history of Saint Louis in April of 2007. As a life-long resident of the 6th Ward, Kacie has devoted her entire career to public service and improving her communities.

…except for the fact that she hasn’t. Word is, the 6th ward’s crime is up and it feels less safe than ever. People tend to not like that kinda thing. Who cares when you’re listed in one of the 45,o93 different lists that the different newspapers and magazines farts out all year long!

Alderman Triplett’s work and dedication has attracted national attention and recognition. She’s been featured in ALIVE Magazine’s as one of St. Louis’ local residents with the most “buzz” and in Ebony Magazine as a Young Leader Under 30. In 2008, the Riverfront Times named Triplett the Best Local Politician in the region.

What has she done to deserve this acclaim other than being pretty and young and not white (all of which are admittedly more rare than they should be in local politics)?

In 2008, after the November election, Triplett introduced legislation honorarily designating a St. Louis street after President Barack Obama.

Ah. She’s the one we can thank for that. What did we end up renaming the Mark McGwire highway too? Can we use that same thing to paste over Obama Blvd if his approval rating drops any lower?

Ok, we get it. That bio is pretty much all cherries, sparkles and unicorns, but the thing is, we’re hearing a different sentiment. Actually, we’re watching a different sentiment right now. One of our readers sent in this Xtranormal video to us that he has made about his displeasure for the all PR no actual embetterment campaign Alderwoman Kacie Starr Triplett is running. Take a look at the occasionally NSFW (naughty language) below. [Editor’s Note: We uploaded the video to YouTube only because Xtranormal’s embed code sucks monkey butt.]

Check the video out on the Xtranormal page with a couple of other related videos about this person’s favorite city representative here, and you can check out all the news from the 6th ward here at Kacie’s site… apparently woman’s self-defense classes are “popular”. Wonder why.

Yes, we are highlighting one person’s view, but we know they aren’t alone. However, as always, feel free to rebut in the comments.

via Our Tipline! (Thanks again to our tipster!)