Mr. Pringle is a Little Too Friendly in the Gym, Charged with Sexual Abuse

Lincoln Pringle, a 37 year-old man from O’Fallon, Missouri was arrested on February 11th after he took some liberties with a fellow apartment gym visitor. Pringle lifted the woman’s shirt and tried to grab some boob, but the woman deflected the attempt and called the police. Not only did the cops take one look at Pringle and totally believe the woman, but they went to the Post Dispatch and put a call out begging other ladies to speak up if Pringle has tried to attack them.

Pringle is currently out a $10,000 bond and has a court date of March 16th in front of the St. Charles County Circuit Court.

Whew! Did you notice?! We got through the whole story without throwing out a Pringle Chip joke. Something like…

The cops believe this isn’t Pringle’s first offense, since, as we all know, we can’t ever get away with just one Pringle!


The St. Charles Country procesutors office is asking that anyone with knowledge of a previous assault by Mr. Pringle, please contact them immediately. Here is a file photo:

A lesser site would just slip cheap jokes like that right in to the main part of the story, but not us. A woman was attacked for God’s sake, and those sites will be spending their time thinking up potato chip jokes?! Completely inappropriate. Not us. No sir! The woman just wanted to get her sweat on and Pringle took advantage, nothing funny about that and he had no right…well…she may have had “the fever”. What fever? The fever for the flavor of the Pringles of course! Brad Pitt even had it once:

…they’d probably make a joke like that too wouldn’t they? Shame on them.

via STLToday