Brentwood Man Found in Car 7 Hours After Wreck

Seven hours! Seven hours this guy was stuck in his car after a fairly serious car accident that apparently no one noticed.

MoDOT and a passer-by are credited with saving a 56-year-old Brentwood man who was trapped in his car for more than seven hours after a crash.

Investigators believe the driver, identified as 56-year-old Roger K. Boyd, was knocked unconscious as a result of the crash, which happened around 8:30 a.m.

Someone spotted the vehicle and then a MoDOT maintenance worker arrived on the scene around 12:50 p.m.

Once Boyd was removed from his 7-hour stay at the “Hotel I Just Pissed Myself and then Bled in to the Piss” all he could say was “I’m sore.” Boyd was then taken to DePaul Hospital and is currently in good condition.

But where could a man crash his car during rush hour and not have a soul find him for 7 hours? Apparently Boyd somehow managed to smash his car in to a Dell Computer kiosk at the mall. Have you seen those things? No one’s there. No one! Around noon an old lady made eye contact, walked up and asked if this was where she could get “a fruit machine, computer thing” and after being pointed to the Apple Store, she looked back and said “You know someone crashed in to your kiosk right?” Thank god for that woman or he might be have been there for days.

[Editor’s Note: Seriously though, he was in a ditch on I-170 just north of I-70, which sound like it might have somehow been more fun.]

via KSDK