Shooting Your Gun At City Hall Isn’t a Good Idea

Are we an angrier populous these days or are guns just that much easier to come across?

Sunday morning, in the parking garage of none other than the freaking City Hall of St. Charles, Melissa Pontius (right) got in a little argument with a few other people that were for some reason hanging out at the St. Charles City Hall at 1:30am on a Saturday night. Well, as the story goes, Melissa had just about enough, so did she go off and make fun of her opponents on her blog like all other right-thinking Americans? Nope! She grabbed her gun and fired a shot off in their general direction. Gangsta!

Police said Pontius was a passenger in a 2009 Infiniti FX-3 leaving the garage about 1:25 a.m. at 200 North 2nd Street when she fired one shot from a Walther P22 (.22-caliber) pistol.

She and a male friend had just left Main Street in downtown St. Charles, police said. Pontius fired the pistol out the vehicle’s window after having an argument with a group of people.

Pontius was charged with felony “shooting a firearm at a person or building”. Seems like those things should be different laws. A building…a person. Well, maybe if the law was “shooting a firearm at a person or really awesome building like a Vegas hotel or bitchin strip club or something”, but just any building? Dude, there are some stank buildings around here that we would like to think matter a little more than us. Then again, we’re a super-awesome and sexy blogger, so of course there are buildings we are more important than, but Wal-Mart greeters? …eh, not so much. Here’s the final drafts “shooting a firearm at a kickass person or really awesome building like a Vegas hotel or a bitchin strip club made of gold and bacon or something” Penalty? Death. “shooting a firearm at a lame person like a Wal-Mart greeter or that spaz, you know the one, at your office or lame building like crack houses or Applebee’s” Penalty? Look, just don’t do it again. Oh and hey! Don’t forget your gun.

via STLToday