The Ladue News Accused of Removing Submissions for Most Dynamic List

When the Ladue News asks for your opinion, maybe you should just expect it to be disregarded. Seriously, who are you to tell them your thoughts on who should be on their Most Dynamic List? No, it doesn’t matter that they asked  for you submissions. It does matter however, they they are better than you. How can I say that? Easy. They put their dogs in matching sweaters and post pictures of the results. You don’t. Game over.

We bring this up because of some fishiness we are hearing about the Ladue News’ latest call to action, namely their call for submissions to add to their on-going “Most Dynamic” list. Forgetting for a second that a “Most Dynamic” list means essentially nothing, several people have been submitting the same fine young gentleman’s name over and over again and the Ladue News people are not only ignoring their submissions, but actually removing their posts from their Facebook page.

For example, check out this comment that backs up the stories we’ve been hearing:

The man in question is Brian Rehg. Rehg is note-worthy in the Ladue because of his amazing job skewering anything and everything Ladue. You might remember that we did a post on this very topic a few months ago: “Ladue Has a Yacht Club? On Facebook They Do.” Can the fine people of the Ladue News not take a little good-natured ribbing? Why wouldn’t the Ladue News not want Rehg on their list if he is getting submissions? Where do you even get turtleneck dog sweaters?!

We contacted the Ladue News Editor in Chief, Dorothy F. Weiner about this issue. Though agreeing that the local paper had the right to add or not add anyone they want to their list, we asked if they had any specific issues with Rehg enough to warrant cleansing their page of all submissions, she had this to say:

We are not aware of this problem. I will forward this to our tech staffer and see if we can remedy it immediately. Thanks to all who submitted Mr. Rehg’s name, and we will most certainly put it on our list for consideration. Sorry for the inconvenience.

In a related story, a shockingly low 4% of Ladue people like nuts on their ice cream. How can you not like nuts on your ice cream?! Delicious.