Kurt Warner Tweets Like an 11 Year Old

OMG! Kurt Warner iz such a gr8 writer. Hs prose jst sEm 2 croS boundaries. LOL. JK. IDK. wutevA.

Here’s some examples:

Anybody out there no where my IPAD is? Bec, of the 8ppl in this house, of corse no 1 has seen it or played w it all day! Must b my imposter! #

Drove past car w/ sticker “boobs r power”, my life suddenly started 2 make sense & y I have always felt powerless! Darn it! #

At a bakery waiting 4 dinner & all the sweets r tellin me 2 take them home 4 late-nite snack! Should I cheat on my cereal? #

Brain damage is a serious problem in the NFL…clearly.

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