Woman Found Almost Dead in Forest Park Creek Bed. The Boy Scouts Are on the Case!

A family (not pictured) stumbled across a tied up and nearly dead woman laying a creek bed in Forest Park last week. Though if you ask the Post Dispatch, its clear they think the father was the star of the show here, and even mentioned about 100 times that he is a Boy Scout Master. Who cares? Freaking girl nearly died, why do I care why the people who found her were in the park for? People go to Forest Park all the time, I don’t need each of their life stories.

A Boy Scout leader, his wife and two daughters happened upon a frightening scene this morning in Forest Park: A woman tied up and left for dead in a creek.

At about 7:20 a.m. today, the Scout leader and his family found the woman near Union and Summit drives in Forest Park. She was about 30 feet off of Union Drive in a creek, surrounded by weeds about two feet high, said Joe Mueller, a spokesman for the local Boy Scouts.

A spokesman for the local Boy Scouts? A woman is found nearly dead, bound in a creek bed and our local media calls Boy Scouts PR for a quote? Do we not have cops any more? Did the cops show up and some giant guy in sun glasses and a Boy Scout uniform show up and say, “Excuse me officer, but this is a Boy Scout matter.”?!

The Scout leader and his family were in the park this morning to help promote ScoutQuest 100 in the central fields at a climbing wall. They were helping to demonstrate the climbing wall for a local news program.

Ok so there is a Boy Scout thing going on…to us that seems like a second story, you know, because a woman was raped and left for dead.

ScoutQuest 100 is the 100th anniversary celebration of the Boy Scouts. The celebration in Forest Park will be today, Saturday and Sunday. Thousands of scouts and their families are expected to attend. The event will feature activities from rock-wall climbing to canoeing.

What the hell is this story about exactly? The Boy Scouts now?! What the hell is going on?

Mueller said he has no doubt the park will be safe for the scouts.

Oh well thank god! We now have assurances from the Public Relations guy for the local Boy Scouts that the park is safe. Did this guy get a merit badge in criminal investigations? …did he get another in “Public Safety in Forest Park for June 2010”? How does this make any sense? Has rape and murder become so every day in St. Louis that our local media feels they need to jazz up the violent crime stories so people will read them…maybe do a little “Man on the Street” see what the average guy thinks of public safety in the light of a heinous crime like this? Pretty much what’s going on here.

Police?! Hello?? Can get an update on the actual crime and not a story on an unrelated but adjacent event?

Sex-crimes detectives are trying to find out if the woman knew her attacker and where the attack took place.

Oh well there you go. God I feel better.

Just a thought for whatever police department or youth organization that is handling this, but if you raped and left a girl for dead, “finding” her with your kids and wife as you were checking out the park for your Boy Scout thing would pretty much be the perfect alibi…except when you find her still alive. “What do we have here?…Oh my god! Honey call the…wait. Shit. Let’s come back in an hour.”

via STLToday