Some Guy From California Beat the Crown Candy Malt Record

Some Guy From California Beat the Crown Candy Malt Record

Not only has the famed Crown Candy malt challenge been bested, but a new record has been set!

According to reports, a Kevin Ross from San Bernardino, California waltzed in to the popular St. Louis store and proceeded to drain seven malts in six minutes. The “goal” of Crown Candy’s challenge is five malts in 30 minutes.

The man, who gave his name as Kevin Ross of San Bernardino, California, was in the store Tuesday, according to co-owner Andy Karandzieff. That got him a spot on a plaque of honor. But on Wednesday, Ross sucked down seven malts; Karandzieff says he’ll get his own plaque.

Karandzieff thinks the man might be back tomorrow to claim another record. As part of the deal, the man does not pay for the massive malts he inhales.

Seven malts in six minutes. If you have no reference of the amazing feat that we are talking about, here is a video of a guy trying challenge. He’s only trying for five. This is the same challenge that the Travel Channel’s Man vs Food took on and lost (photo above). Ross put down seven which has got to be damn near a gallon of malted shakes.

Frankly, we couldn’t be more impressed…unless we find out he didn’t even puke after, then we’ve find some extra impressed under the couch cushions or something.

KSDK mentions that they tried and failed to get an interview with the new Malted Champion. After some Google searching, the safe bet is that Kevin Ross is a semi-professional eater. We found an article interviewing a Kevin Ross from Temecula, California competing in the Nathan’s Hot Dog eating challenge from a few July 4ths ago:

Kevin Ross, of Temecula, was a bit under the weather on July 4 when he competed in the 93rd annual Hot Dog Eating Contest at Nathan’s Famous Frankfurters on Coney Island. Ross could only gobble down 14 of the gourmet dogs, which isn’t bad for a quasi-vegetarian.

Ross earned his spot in the Coney Island competition by placing first in Nathan’s Hot Dogs Eating competition at the Tanforan Mall in San Bruno on June 28. He finished 17 hot dogs and buns in six minutes.

In addition to winning his place in the international contest, he also won a year’s supply of Nathan’s hot dogs.

“I have no idea what that means yet,” Ross said, “But I don’t eat them so I have no idea what I would do with them.”

Though he now identifies himself from San Bernardino, the chance this is a different Kevin Ross is slim in our minds. If anyone has a connection to him or knows how we can get a hold of Ross, please send it over to [email protected] or call the tip line 314-266-TIPS

If you see a guy lying on the street downtown with a white creamy substance coming out of every orifice, that’s either Ross or that dead guy all the lonely homeless guys pass around.

via KSDK

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