St. Louis Craigslist: Who Says Romance is Dead?

Every day lonely souls longing for the love of that one that got away go to Craigslist to type out prose in a desperate attempt to find the person that, although just meeting in passing, may hold missing piece to their happiness.

This isn’t one of those.

that one girl that looked like she wanted to blow me – m4w – 23 (o’fallon)

you were eying me like you wanted it, baby. send me pictures of your tits so i know it’s you.

Class. Pure class.

We’re going to take a shot in the dark here that this particular gentleman’s definition of a “I want to blow you” look is pretty loose…like if you are breathing and he hasn’t rufied you yet. But with poetry such as this, he may be able to change some minds. Poor bastard is probably going to have to comb through the thousands of responses he will undoubtedly get, looking at pictures of tits over and over again until he finally finds the tits he was looking for…exactly like the original ending to You’ve Got Mail.

We know exactly what it that desire looks like on a woman’s face though, and not just because we are an amazing chick magnet can make a woman quiver with a wink and a smile because of our rugged good looks and legendary bedroom prowess…oh wait no. That probably is why. …that and if you squint just right you can’t tell the difference between disgust and intrigue. If you’re unsure, always assume intrigue.