Loud Guy is “Scared as Hell” to be Living in St. Louis

St. Louis is #3 on the most dangerous American cities list…again. Old news. We are always on there. We’re like that kid that wears the leather jacket no matter how hot it gets and uses a switch blade comb. We’re bad ass. We know it.

Well, I guess not everyone knows it. (Watch out people at work, this dude is loud!)

At the end of his little tirade, he shows the whole list. Note that if you think you are just having a stroke because you can’t seem to lock in and read the list very well, don’t worry. Its just because this genius though the best way to display the list is with black text on a bright red background…that blinks.

If you can keep it together to watch most of the list without stroking out, you’ll see that our retarded cross-state brother city we only visit once a year or because we find out he can count cards Kansas City came in at #6. Nice try KC. Still not impressed.