Option//Control and Cheers, Bobby at Cicero’s

With the January Thaw underway, we got out of the Punching Kitty HQ and headed down to Cicero’s on Friday night. We left with Delirium Tremens in our belly and one of those “what the hell is wrong with your speakers” headaches, but it wasn’t the bands fault.

On the bill were Cheers, Bobby and OPTION//CONTROL, two local groups with completely different sounds (Well, they both involved static, but like we said, not their fault.)

Cheers, Bobby was nice.  Like a girl John Mayer with the douche dial turned way down.

Playing the Bert to Cheers, Bobby‘s Ernie was the night’s headliner OPTION//CONTROL (above) who has a slightly different take on the alternative sound thats pretty common these days…and…they covered Virtual Insanity!  +1,000 points.

We aren’t going to pretend to be a music critic here, but we do know when our ears start to bleed.  Oh it wasn’t from the bands, both were surprisingly good in different ways, but the sound in Cicero’s that night was absolute shit.  I’ve been there countless times and although its usually and unsurprisingly sounds like the back room of a pizza place in the Loop, we are fine with that.  Friday night though it sounds like the bands were trying to play over Pepe Le Pew finally raping that girl skunk he’s been chasing for years.  I mean yeah, she’s been asking for it, but still, no means no Pepe.

Go support the local music scene!  Checkout both bands next time you hear they are out and about.

Oh and if you are sitting around with nothing to listen to right now, you can get OPTION//CONTROL’s first album free from their site at optioncontrol.com