The President’s Casino to Get Assassinated By Missouri

The state of Missouri is playing the role of John Wilkes Booth and is out gunning for the President’s Casino.  The goal is to get the casino to close its doors by as early as July.

“[President Casino] has continued to operate the President at an unacceptable level through a deliberate minimization of offerings with a resulting decline in performance,” Gene McNary, executive director of the Missouri Gaming Commission, wrote in a letter last week to John Giovenco, interim chief executive of Las Vegas-based Pinnacle. “We … are no longer able to allow the licensure of an obsolete and underachieving gaming facility in the State of Missouri.”

Of course the Casino, owned by Pinnacle Entertainment, is trying to hold off the moves by filling a petition saying it will do some of the fixes, but not all of them, because they don’t want to look too good.  Chicks dig you more if you look like you don’t care.

“It has become abundantly clear Pinnacle intends to hold on to the President’s license as long as possible with no intention of improving its operations,”

So you think there is business owner out there that intends to do the minimum possible just to simply maximize their profits?!  Say it ain’t so!

Who knows what could happen here, but we have strong sources that the state’s prosecutor is really trying to kill the President’s Casino just to impress Jodie Foster.

Any of these Presidential gags working for  you?  Feel free to drop your own in the comments.

via St. Louis Business Journal