St. Louis Anagrams

We took some famous St. Louis names and ran them through the Internet Anagram Server to find some random letter mixed-up awesomeness. Here’s what we got:

Vandeventer … “Darn Even Vet”

Mark McGwire … “Rim Wreck Mag” [Editor’s Note: Sounds as sexy as it does gross.]

Hampton … “Moth Nap”

Busch Stadium … “Basic Mud Huts” [Editor’s Note: Is this a hidden critique of the Ballpark Village plans?]

The Post Dispatch … “Spot Patched Shit” [Editor’s Note: Wow.]

Leisa Zigman … “Amazing Lies” [Editor’s Note: This one is true, we swear and it’s freaking awesome!]

Homeless Guy Peeing On My Car … “Snug Paisley Homo Emergency”