Former Cardinals Farmhand Stubby Clapp Carries Olympic Torch

There once was a man name Stubby Clapp you toiled away in the Cardinals minor league system, only briefly appearing in the majors in 2001. In 25 at-bats Clapp tallied 5 hits, 1 walk, 7 strike outs and 1 RBI giving him a .200 average.  Nice. His fame in Memphis playing for the minor league Redbirds though knew no bounds and in fact his #10 is the only one ever to be retired by the team.

So whatever happened to Stubby Clapp, straddler of the Mendoza Line and the best named player in the history of the St. Louis Cardinals?

I’ll tell ya!  Dude’s carrying around the Olympic torch!

Savannah’s Stubby Clapp recently covered 300 meters with the Olympic Torch in LaSalle, Ontario, near his hometown of Windsor.

“It was an unbelievable experience,” Clapp said. “The experience, pride and passion that came with carrying the torch which is a sign of peace.”

Well there you go.  Stubby Clapp.  Olympics.  Torch.  Other Noun.

When Clapp isn’t being picked on for his name or carrying the torch he spends his time as a hitting instructor in the Astros minor leagues.