St. Louis’ Pi: The Fightingest Pizza Place on Twitter!

pi_sign_tier3Every business in the world is on Twitter these days, and 90% of them just spam out links or at best have some schmuck behind the profile fartting out gems like:  “Sure am glad I brought my [insert product] with me today!  You should get one too!”, “Wow, [insert product] is so awesome.  Send us a photo of yours” or “How many of [insert product] do you like I can get in up my ass?  I bet 5.”  so in that respect we love seeing the Twitter Voice of Pi, the famed Loop pizza slinger, being more than just a spam robot! fact, they are straight up telling people to go the f*ck away via Twitter!

From the blog of St. Louis Twitter user @GaneshaXi:

A fellow St. Louisan vegan was commenting on the fact that there’s a pizza place in St. Louis that offers vegan cheese. Cool stuff! I get pretty excited about companies that consider the fact that some people have different dietary needs than others. I also like to pass on the good news to my friends. Not only are there vegans hungry for pizza, but also lactose intolerant people, or even people just looking to cut out some dietary fat. So I check the company’s profile, and I see [this in their twitter profile “RFT’s Best Pizza in St. Louis.  Barack Obama’s Favorite Pizza.”]

First off, we don’t have a single issue with Pi boasting that the freaking President of the United States loves their pizza.  Shit, wouldn’t you?  But whatever each to his own, because this sit about as well as vegan cheese does with me for “GaneshaXi,” so she fired off this forked-tounged compliment via Twitter:

GaneshaXi: @veganwrites Awesome! Too bad they have to throw in the presidential “plug.” @pistl riding Obama’s coattails = fail.

Which in turn got this from the awakened Pi-master:

PiSTL: @GaneshaXi thais for the encouragement! @pistl fans: @GaneshaXi says we’ll fail cuz obama eats pi.  she should stay in 2Life. No pie there.

Ok, let me break this one down for you.  “2Life” means the game SecondLife which is like a virtual world that GaneshaXi apparently is into…oh and “cuz” is short for “because”

Well after that this twitter slap fight was kicked in to high gear with these replies:

GaneshaXi: @pistl You have a terrible attitude with your potential customers. Perhaps you should check out Second Life and learn people skills.

GaneshaXi: Wow, you’d think for a restaurant looking for customers, @pistl would be much less degrading via Twitter.

To which @pistl shot back (after a few other tweets):

PiSTL: @GaneshaXi please stay way from my restaurant. Your comments wishing failure were destructive and irresponsible. Look in the mirror.

Lets pause for a moment here.  I hate it when “customers” pull this move in general.  A customer walks in and says something to the effect of “Your store sucks” and then the owner says something to the effect of “Go f*ck yourself.” which makes the customer say something like “Why I never!  How could you talk to a customer like this!  You are a horrible business person!”  …are they really?  I mean, you just told them they sucked.  What are they supposed to do?  Sure they could say  “How can we make it better for you?” but one, they don’t have to and two, most people that walk in and say stuff like that, aren’t really much of a customer for them anyway.

Oh the other hand however, I think ole Pi might need to chill a bit.  I don’t think anything said we “destructive” or “irresponsible”.  All she did was voice an opinion, over Twitter no less.  Not exactly forming a picket line.

Basically, you both need to chill.  …but on a separate issue, we do love seeing a company put itself out there!

…also, Pi is expensive.  Good.  But expensive.

Oh, and something worth noting is that, as of the time of this writing, @pistl had dropped the Obama comment from their Twitter profile.