Missed Connections: You Are My Black Sarah Palin

romeo_et_juliette_william_shakespeare_s_romeo_and_juliet_1996_referenceOur tipsters our the best.  We might have missed a real classic Craiglist Missed Connections that was quickly flagged off the site, but we didn’t because our tipsters sent it in!

Here it is, in its entirety, for posterity:

You threatened to shoot me at White Castles – m4w – 28 (Florissant)

Hey you beautiful gold teethed Cadillac driving sex machine. Last

night you cut us off in the drive through so we honked at you and you

went crazy. I love when a woman gets worked up with big hoop earrings

and a cigar in her mouth while talking on her cellphone at the same

time. I loved how you elegantly ignored all the cars around you and

the yellow lines showing how traffic operates within the parking lot

and just forged a path of your own. You are a renegade, you are my

black Sarah Palin. You don’t need those yellow lines to tell you how

to live – just those big yellow rings on your fingers and through your


We honked and you threatened to shoot us. I’m not sure if its because

you were black and we were white and you thought it was cool to

intimidate the opposite race in 2009 but regardless, well played. You

said you would shoot me but all I saw was the love in your eyes. You

never pulled a gun but you pulled all the strings to my heart. You

were right you did get in front of us and you got the first laugh. But

when my 8 month pregnant wife called the police and they pulled you

out of your car we had the last.

The moral of this story is that if you plan on eating your

cheeseburgers warm don’t threaten to shoot people. If I had my camera

with me I would have taken plenty of pictures of your hungry ass

cutting off three other cars because you are to fucking ignorant to be

courteous to other people. Florissant has been a great place to live

for people all of creeds and colors. I grew up here and I’ve dealt

with people here that think they can intimidate the opposite race both

black and white. This shit needs to stop. I’m not afraid of other

people and I’m not intimidated by anyone. So unless you have a gun or

you can shoot laser beams out of your fuckin eyes don’t threaten

people. Next time you do you could be threatening someone with a

permit to conceal and carry and you could find yourself in a horrible


All people deserve respect and courtesy. When you are an adult and

show none, what place do you have in our society?

I love that this Missed Connection plays out like classic Shakespeare.  A love story blossoms until the climax when the police came down on her like Tybalt on Mercutio, then the story turns dark and mean and diverges in to race relations and the ramifications of conceal and carry laws.

Not sure why it was flagged though.  Are there Missed Connection police that figured out this wasn’t really about love and yanked it?  I guess we’ll never know, but thanks to our tipster, it will live on with its Shakespearian undertones intact.

[Editor’s Note: If you don’t know what we are talking about, you probably are a product of the St. Louis Public School system and I’m sorry.]