Legends and Celebrity Softball Game Rosters Announced

On Sunday July 12th, the traditional softball game of All-Star week will take place in Busch Stadium and like every year the rosters will be filled out by retired baseball greats, various celebrities and Jimmy Kimmel.

The rosters were recently announced they are stocked with St. Louis affiliated personalities.  Some names of note are:jenna_fischer-02

  • Nelly (of course)
  • Chingy (I think he’s Nelly’s little brother.)
  • Carl Edwards (he’s a limo driver or something)
  • Billy Bob Thorton (Long time Cardinals fan and general douche bag.)
  • Bobby Knight (Long time Tony LaRussa buddy.)
  • Ozzie Smith (Duh)
  • Bruce Sutter (Also duh)
  • Dave Winfield (He’s in it every year.  Seriously.)
  • Tommy John (Why not?)
  • Goose Gossage (He’s in these a lot too.)
  • Whitey Herzog (Duh)
  • Vince Coleman (Hopefully there won’t be any tarps on the field.)
  • Lee Smith (Duh)
  • and my personal favorite: Jenna Fisher, who as we all know, is a hot St. Louisan!

The plans are now that Punching Kitty will be crawling the crowd around the stadium on Sunday (we didn’t get tickets to the game sadly) taking some photos.  If you see us, say hi!

To Jenna (Only read this if you are Jenna Fischer):  If you see me out there, try to keep it together since we are still trying to keep our relationship on the down-low remember?  Its so cute how you always forget things! Anyway, just give me our secret sign where you wink and lick your lips seductively at me while holding one of your boobs and I’ll know to meet  you in our secret place behind that dumpster.