ESPN Says the Rams Are the Worst Value In All of Sports


In the most recent issue of ESPN The Magazine (July 13, 2009) they released their annual Ultimate Standings where they grade all NBA, NFL and MLB teams in things like “Stadium Experience,” “Fan Relations,” and “Ownership.”

In the “Bang for the Buck” category, which is “wins over the past year per revenues directly from fans, adjusted for league schedules”, the Rams came in dead last, as in 122 out of 122.  Well done guys.

Other notable St. Louis team appearances are the Blues coming in #3 the “Swag” category (for their “free food” nights) and the Cardinals tied for #1 in the “Title Track” category along with the Los Angeles Angels and the D-Town Red Wings, which measures “Championships already won or expected within the lifetime of current fans”

The overall rankings have the Blues at #10, Cardinals at #26 and the Rams at #112.