Ladies Night on St. Louis Craigslist

PunchingKitty is scanning Craigslist again and here’s what we found!

My Illinois lover – w4m – 40 (your bed)

I had a great time with you, and hope that this is more than a physical relationship . . . because I want it all, and I want it with you. I can’t wait to be in your arms again, waking up next to you was wonderful.


Location: “Your Bed”  Damn baby.  Anyway, if this dude does actually find this (he won’t) do you really think that this “lets come on really strong and mention ‘wanting it all’ and talk of spooning’ plan is going to work (it won’t)?

Kevin – w4m (Downtown)

I’ve posted before. Still looking for Kevin. Black guy, tall, dark, handsome. Drives a red pick up.


Um, on yeah.  I know the guy.  He wears those shirts and has ears?  Also, pining away for “talk, (actually) dark and handsome” just made you a cliche…a desperate, sad cliche.

The last two are related!  Fun!

Mike – w4m – 35 (st louis)

I just wanted to tell you our secret trip this weekend was fantastic. Looking forward to our next one. Im hoping you’ll make my fantasy come true. Next time I won’t let you leave I know you wont read this but I LOVE YOU SO MUCH LETS GET MARRIED

First off: “Yikes”  Run Mike run.  But what’s that?  …a reply!

re Mike – w4m – 34 (Loserville)

If this is the Mike from South St.Louis with 2 daughters he’s nothing but a loser. He gets you to buy him dinner and different stuff. He saids he’s always working when he is with someone else when he is supposed to be devoted to you. Women beware of his childish games. He will do anything to get his way. He doesn’t care if he hurts you in the process. He’s nothing but trouble. I suggest to you to not even waste your time. He’s definitely no good.

So this crazy-ass just goes around Craigslist and when someone mention’s the extremely common name of “Mike” she springs into action?  Lets say we get as specific as dudes named Mike that live in South City and have two daughters, there still has to at least be 20 of them!

Will one of you non-crazy broads have a talk with these girls?  They are setting you guys crazy far back!