The Battle Between Fat Chicks and Cute Chicks Rages On


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What’s the worst thing ever? A FAT FEMALE BOSS

These bitches see a hot young girl like myself walk into their office and suddenly they can’t remember how to conduct a civil interview.

The first fat bitch comes in with a food stain on her shirt. Totally unprofessional. She didn’t give a shit about the interview so I didnt either. The next one (her boss) also old, fat and nasty – i might as well have walked out of the room before the thing even started. I hope you big, fat, cowardly wastes of space on this earth get diabetes from your heaviness and cancer from your cigarettes. you both reaked of them!!

Nothing worse people than a bunch of fat nasty jealous women.

The following thoughts occurred to me in (this order) after reading this rant:

  1. Awesome.
  2. Damn I wish this chick would have included some sort of photo…
  3. I love that she wished diabetes on them.  You don’t hear much of that these days.
  4. I’m thinking soup for dinner.