To the Chick Going Down on Some Dude in Eureka…


An actual St. Louis Craigslist “Missed Connection” [link]:

You were giving a BJ at Rockwood Reservations – m4w (Eureka MO)

I pulled up beside you at Rockwoods Reservation and you were giving another gentleman a BJ in the car. I did not see you at first, but I guess when you were finished you popped your head up gave him a kiss goodbye and then got into your own car. You looked over at me with a blushed face and smiled and drove away. If you remember what color my car was email me.

I don’t even know where to start with this.

I understand you are in to this broad since the only data you have on her is that she drives her own car to meet dudes and then proceeds to blow them.  Sounds good to me too.  But…on the other hand, this chick meets at a specified location and blows a dude, and on the way out of the car gives a wink to another random dude in another car.  This skank better be hot dude.

Also, do you think chicks that partake in this kinda stuff are the ones that would crawl through the missed connections section of Craigslist?

…oh and lastly…what the hell where you doing up at Rockwood Reservations at Blow Job O’Clock?!