Are Parking Meters Breaking Down the Fabric of Representative Democracy?


Crazy-ass Jeff Hackworth thinks so!  He wrote in to the Post Dispatch on Janruary 15th to complain after his eye-opening trip to our state’s capitol in Jefferson City:

I found parking [at the capitol building] to be inadequate and being taxed to park, parking meters, I found it as a determinant to people trying to access our government. I would like to see a law put in place that forbids the taxing, charging to park, on public street or public property of any government facility upon the two closest streets on each side around any government facility. This would aid in our elected officials to hear more from constituents when the constituents don’t have to pay a tax, a fee to be able to approach an elected officiator a public building. Because Jefferson City has decided to tax, parking meters, persons desiring to see the capitol or see their elected official.

It is like Jefferson City does not want to give people easy access to their government, with a parking tax, Jefferson City appears to be trying to discourage people from conversing with the elected officials or access to their state capitol.

You cracked the secret Jeff!  Since finding out this deep dark secret of our, and all the other, state governments I’m guessing Jeff is on the run “Da Vinic Code”-style from hooded albino Jeff City parking attendants.